What’s stronger, the urge to be normal, or the urge to be loved?


(A szokásos randizós körkérdésre, megmondjam-e a nagy Ő-nek vagy sem.)


Real love? I've just once had a girl (whom I talked about in "Beauty and inf.") who was really similar to my mother and me, and whom I really loved. Almost every other girls were just accessories for my image. 

I can't really remember the whole thing, its kinda traumatic, but when I was reading your post, I was aghast. I know I wanted to tell her, but I didn't. And I lost her. 

Hm, a memory appears; she said to me once (and she had known I stuttered): "Is it always that good to talk with you?" – I wonder, why I didn't tell them that it isn't?

Don't compare yourself to others. Concentrate on the girl, not your speech. If she laugh about it, laugh with her! That's a good way to consonancy. And when you'll hold her, maybe you'll thank to your stutter.

Otherwise: you get so deep wounds you won't even want to get girls anymore! So don't be concerned with yourself that much!


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