We are a sucker on something missing when fluency missing (but not fluency).


(A körkérdésre, miért nem dadogunk, ha dühösek vagyunk.)


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Could it be that our anger makes us focus so intently on the other person that we loose sight of our Self? We forget ourself! Does it have to be anger? Some other emotions are just as strong.

The opposite. We don't stutter when we are what we are. A wounded self can only be itself when it is aroused so it can jump over its barricades. When we are angry (or reaching out intensly), we gain power. With power, we dare to be equal. With that we don't stutter. (Standingtall stutters because he's inhibited even in letting his emotions arouse.) You can catch a quaint glint in the turettes' eyes when a tic comes and they can't resist. Yes, it's joy. No matter how hard the drug addict suffers and wants to be cured, when he sees his precious curse, he is a sucker on it.


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