If we could cure ourselves.

I'm trying to couch in words my experiences for myself and those who hear, about the most important aspect of that forum, which forum I had studied at full lenght before I posted. (I won't argue. I'm just contemplating. These issues have been discussed over and over in that forum in vain; I won't start it over.)

First of all, there obviously are stutterers who were miracoulusly cured – and most of them cured themselves by accident with brain control, hypnosis or a psychological enlightenment. It's crucial, the fact that at least one person could do it, because if someone can cure himself from an infirmity than it's not an infirmity, and ideally everyone can follow his example.

Secondly: they try to explain us their experiences totally in vain. We barely understand a thing of what they say or bubble. We catch some words like "hope" and agree – but soon we realize that we misunderstood them again. And we can theorize it as "every stutterer is different" (but of course the truth is that no matter why and how someone became crippled, the cure cures every one of the crippled ones).

Thirdly: they don't really understand themselves either. They have to draw their ideas in a strange, guru-like manner or in ambigous, esoterical sentences. In the end they sound like trained parrots, "you can do it, you can do it", and it's more discouraging then useful. Finally they leave, or we kick them out. And we forget about them, and continue our venting, hoping, stuttering. 

Maybe stuttering never has been studied with either a psychological, neurological and philosophical attempt yet. I've met nobody who could at least imagine what kind of study could that be. 

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