Now way I’m giving up stuttering!

What's a gene? A string of commands. What's a command? A chemical phenomenon. And what's that? A primitive urge. – Genetics doesn't explain a thing. Your parents gave you the wrong neurological strategies, so you're more likely to develop a state of mind that causes you to stutter. But those strategies come from foolness. And you take them by foolness. I can't explain now what that means, I'm just confronting myself: could you first face the fact that you are completely nuts? For me it's hard. I say: "Yes of course" – but I add quietly: "Since I'm not a fool." But it doesn't work that way… So I remain a suffering or proudful stutterer. I wonder, what could be that important, for what I rather stutter than confess it to myself. Must be a very primitive and strong urge, in the very deepest of my soul. That strange monologue is as well just beating about the bush.

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