Stuttering and others.

Stuttering is funny. But you can be a serial killer who hunts down normal people who can't do anything about not laughing on something what's funny.

You stutter, and it's funny or awkward. There's no third way, that's the way these things are. You don't want to face with that (I wonder why), and that's what makes you angry instead of understanding. 

I was laughed by my speach therapyst once. I was shocked. I was laughed by my best friends behind my back. I was shocked. While I was still a covert stutterer, my best friend told me his experiences, thoughts about a severily stuttering classmate (people do not consider mild stutterers stutterers!) with natural sincerity. I was silently shocked, because I suddenly realized that 1: I can't blame people for their attitudes; 2: when people talk about understanding, accepting stutterers, that's a pious fraud to deal with that awkward phenomenon. Once you saw into that truth, you rather want to made fun of than been sympathized with. And 3: I can't get angry on that because of 1. 

Suddenly I felt totally alone. I stared at my friend and knew that we can't be friends anymore. We never were, because I lied to him: I tried to hide or face-lift my stutter. He asked me what's the matter. Strangely I didn't stutter then.


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