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I lost the stutter by reaching out to strangers; not in a daring, challenging fashion, but in a gentle, open, caring manner.

Reaching out is the first step for such captives. My way was reaching out to things, not directly to people. I had enough of everything and left the city wounded and arrogant like a porcupine, gone to just wandering around in the mountains (in the centre of Hungary's capital). There I felt myself a living thing amongst other living things, just like never had before. I did absolutely nothing, just like never had before. I was letting being just be. When I walked down from the mountains, cats offered themselves to me on my way. I smiled at them panderly.

Reaching out is rather opening up and letting in.

– I recognize that I open up more and more in that forum, to finally fulfill my only purpose: given out my secrets urging myself to get to know the deepest. I sense that the time is coming when I have to put down my last puzzle which deals with the discovery I think haven't been found yet. That puzzle will explain why we stutterers are daydreamers who's first step on the mend is sipping some reality, then let ourself being seeped by it. I'm disappointed only because my Question thread is almost empty, hence they won't believe me. But I have to understand them: they think they have to stutter, and they are waiting something or someone curing them. How fool things to do! But that will be exactly the assertion of my last puzzle… Can they let it in?


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