Just traumas can wash away traumas.

But in the end, Asif doesn't have the clue. "Want to get rid of your fear of stuttering? Get rid of your fear of dying!" The key moment in Asif's journey was not changing the breathing, despising modern society, thinking and living calmly (these were just the effects) – but that a hurricane off-centered him from his phobia-led life: a bigger, stronger trauma washed away the past post-traumatic stress, and with having to face with dying, all the past desires and lies, his scenical castle in the air was ridiculed, faded, fell apart. Being a castaway it would have been a very comic thing continuing wanting to be normal, wanting to gain fluency. Thus he looked back and asked silently: "Was I a fool? Now I'm in solitude beyond expression, looking into the face of death: and I had feared all my life a silly, harmless black cat not to run afor my car. Hahah!" – But of course he didn't talk to himself, because healthy people don't talk to themselves.

My hurricane was that I managed to unchain the paradoxes of stuttering thus opening up my well-kept heart to the stroke of lightning that others call "the truth". – Because happiness can also be traumatic.


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