(Az illető, akinek az izomelméletét kritizáltam, leírta ugyanazt, amit eredetileg is. Ez szokásos érvelés Amerikában.)

I think I haven't spoken about my "puzzle-method" so here it is. 

You may have missed that I had fully studied your article, so you don't have to repeat anything; I'm really not the "reacting to everything" kind of guy. In Centre-Europe, dealing with an issue we first study all the possible theories, experiences, – then we think about it in solitude, – and only then we may come out with our own ideas, if we have them. But not to argue. Arguing is what we do with ourselves and the known ideas, and if we do it right there's nothing left to argue when we formulated our thoughts. We put down our knowledge in little puzzles, thus those who want to think about the issue, can first study our picture of it too, taking it to solitude, again. – And you've definitely missed my other posts, too. My task here is to leave a picture, not with a Theory, but with leaving behind puzzles of different sizes; thus if someone finds one interesting or questionable, can put them before himself and think, think, think. He'll learn from that much much more, than from any Theory. – That's why I've decided when I came here not to react to single arguments which argue about only one post, one puzzle. I'm sorry if it seems offending.


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