Innocent but selfish mothers.

Of course you don't stutter just because your mother didn't like you, but that's a fact that a mother can't like her precious creature's infirmity (that's a part of her motherness): she tosses him/her to therapy, she listens worridly, she's annoyed by the stammer, she's ashamed in front of the relatives and others (she feels that it's her fault), and she can't hide it; for a 3-4 year old kid the mother is still the Godness, and if you see in her eyes that you're good, loveable, then – and only then – you feel yourself good, loveable too. The tragedy is that a mother doesn't really know that a "little kid" is already a totally developed human being without a strong self-awareness, who knows, feels, fears everything she does. 2-4 years: you are building your self-awareness just right at that age! So what you've built then, chances are you're carrying it now.If then you happened to consider yourself as ugly, abnormal, just not quite enough (and these considerations are strong feelings) – then no matter what has happened since then, it's part of your consciousness as an adult, unless you didn't fight over these issues at puberty. And if you're still a "stutterer" then you didn't. Of course it sounds harsh and disturbing (even I haven't delt with them yet), but these are very strong psychological facts which cause light or even very severe personality problems, and the more you yell and shout against them, the more thinking you should do about yourself… 

Asif claimed that he still stutters from time to time; and it's true that stuttering is not entirely something that developed "in your mother's ear". But consider that everybody stutters, or: nobody's fluent – our vocal chords just weaker a bit, so we have 90-95% fluency, not 95-99%. Or in extreme examples, it may be 70% – the point is, that there's no gap, confine between the 90-95% and the 95-99%, there's no "stutterer" and "fluent". Without a mother's ear (or another dominant person's ear) there's no stress about it at early age, and the fluency doesn't dwindle away like the magic essence out of the little king's hands. 


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