If you had looked into the mechanism of a desire, you’ve broken it.

It's very important, that I put everything in a strict meaning. Thus that saying is indeed from a great philosopher, but I say it because it holds logical necessity that I have discovered too. And if it's true, you can discover it either. 

That saying is the touchstone of my statement that anybody can just stop stuttering, if my other big puzzles are right (for example that stuttering is just a side-effect of wanting fluency; and that fluency-addiction is fed by something else); and of course it doesn't matter that I'm asserting that it worked for me – the nature, the logic of this thing is that you have to see for yourself. That's why scientists can't deal with not just stuttering, but every anxiety-related problem, such as personality disorders (psychiatry is the biggest scandal on earth, I give it 10 years and finally it falls apart): because these are so called "existencial issues". The psychological and physical side of them are just effects. Thus science can portray stuttering, but can't cure it, while you often see ordinary guys who had just stopped it. 

Remember my "method", the puzzles? You might wonder, why I don't just tell my theory. Well, because the most important puzzle of all is you setting it out.


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