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This theory also talks about "muscles" instead of me. No, I'm not 'soul + brain + muscles +…'. If I die, and scientists chop me up, then there will be muscles, brain, bones and my angry soul over their heads; but now I am what I am, and nobody can (it's scientifically impossible) theorize me. – The tension of the muscles are pertain to wanting to speak well, it's not the cause. So neither the tension triggers stuttering, but our wanting to speak well. Arachnofobia isn't cured when basic tension is resolved. Of course with an already traumatized body it is easier to develop a phobia; and easier to overcome it as well, if you're relieved. But in one way or another you have to face the spider, at least to see that it's not even there. 

So the theory is wrong in its core, but in the surface it works well, and there is a very good practical advice: to slow down and think. Working on your speech is redundant if you can mentally massage out your traumas. We can't relax, unless we concede that we needn't want what we want. But a wanting can't unwant itself. So we have to really really slow down and think, think, think until we face with the paradoxity of our wanting; bluntly: that we are complete nuts.


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