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 (I-Newswire) Providence, Rhode Island, November 15, 2010 – According to a recently published study cognitive behavior therapy via the internet was found to be as effective in the treatment of panic disorders as traditional group-based therapy. Panic disorder involves debilitating panic attacks that deter a person from entering situations associated with panic. Common symptoms include palpitations, shaking, nausea and a sense that something dangerous is about to happen (e.g. a heart attack or that one is going mad).

„Internet-based CBT is also more cost-effective than group therapy,” says Jan Bergström, psychologist and doctoral student at the Center for Psychiatry Research. „The results therefore support the introduction of Internet treatment into regular psychiatry, which is also what the National Board of Health and Welfare recommends in its new guidelines for the treatment of depression and anxiety.” Results from the randomized clinical trial of 104 patients the study shows that both treatments worked very well and that there was no significant difference between them, either immediately after treatment or at a six-month follow-up.

It is known from previous studies that CBT is an effective treatment for panic disorder however; there is a lack of psychologists and psychotherapists that use CBT methods. Access to their services varies greatly in Sweden as well as in many other countries which isolates individuals from low income backgrounds to access assistance. Internet-based Cognitive behavior therapy now allows anyone around the world to undergo a web based self help program which typically has contact via email, or other outlets provided. For more additional information on panic attacks and internet-based therapy options check out

Latara works as an internet marketer in Rhode Island. She started Rattle Snake Marketing in 2007. Latara hopes to provide essential solutions, alternatives, and vital information to suffers of anxiety and panic disorders.      

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