„Destiny or in control in our lives.” – Only for the advanced.


Nietzsche formulated the idea that we might learn to want the inevitable, "wanting backwards". It may sound easy or esoteric, but it means for example that if I'm crippled, I want to have been crippled. If my child dies in birth, I want my child having been died in birth. If I'm a stutterer: "I want to be a stutterer!"

In the end, it's banal of course. "Be what you are." Human is the only animal crafted in not being what it is. It dreams. It hopes. It thinks these crafts work.

But of course, not that crafty. Because in the end it is what it is: a faker.

So here's my tabling: if I don't want to be a stutterer, but can't do anything about it, then the so-called "destiny" controls my life: that's a pious fraud. If I don't want to be a stutterer, and I think I can control it: that's a pious fraud either.

True men don't even ask this question. They are destiny.


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