Could have been a great life!


What a great life!

I've changed my mind. If I had the power to choose the fate of humanity, I would no longer be so ready to pull the plug. The world, its inhabitants including mankind, is a fabulous place to be and to know. 

My emotions are on a high this morning. I wish I could paint a picture of how I feel. This moment, right now, is pure joy, close to extacy. The future looks bright and benign. A warm, happy wearyness from a hard week allows me to sit here in perfect contentment. 

I recognise the feeling. One morning a few years back I realised that my stutter was largely gone. The world looked so friendly and full of new promise. It called out to be explored with new eyes; and I heard the call!

I envy those who still have this journey ahead of you. You will have THE time of your life.

1. What you have done, you do have it. That's who you are now.

2. You can't envy what you do have. 

3. So that morning Hans experienced a "hypomaniac sensation" as psychology calls it. 

= He lied to himself, as I call it.


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