My theory. My final post.


A different approach to the so-called stuttering


Note: You won't be able to understand the ideas below unless you don't consider seriously my previous posts. My view can't be seen from the physical or the psychological viewpoint. For every question, the answers are already there. There are entire posts about the "cure" problem, so I'll keep it short.

Main standpoint: Stuttering is an effect of the brain's hemispheric dominance problem (I'm sure there is a proper English term for it).





1. Hemispheric dominance problem caused by traumatic experiences. (It could be genetic, but then an ancestor had been traumatized.)

2. A traumatic experience caused not by an outside cause, but the will to avoid it. There is no such thing as "a trauma", but a constant TRAUMATIZATION, that is done by the very me. It's a form of hypnosis, and the stronger the outside "cause" is considered, the stronger the hypnosis will be. (I suspect that we had developed this technique facing – or to be precise: not facing – with wild animals.)

EXPLANATION. The biochemic description of a traumatization is that the right brain is much more used than the left brain, furthermore I suspect that the left brain is blocked. Why? Because in a flight-or-flee situation we mustn't think, hesitate too much, we have to give up the functions of the left brain (what makes us "human", or to be precise: a very intelligent animal), and recline upon our right brain functions: seeing the situation as a whole, responding emotionally, blindly obedient to the first urge arises, pin our faith on the success to escape/win etc. – That's why I had stated before, that there's no difference between "neurological" and "psychological", there's no "brain" and "me". [- Lehet, hogy épp fordítva, a bal oldali pörög túl; de valószínűleg itt hozzáértetlenül zagyválok – habár egy dadogókat vizsgáló tanulmány is a jobb féltekében mutat túlaktivitást -, és mindkét féltekében különféle területek aktivizálódnak: a lényeg, hogy amint ki is mutatták, a szorongásos betegeknek teljesen máshogy működik az agyuk. Az egyszerűség kedvéért nevezzük ezt egyensúlyzavarnak.]

The biochemic description of the dominance problem is that when the brain gets dopamine, the balance (so: the dominance of the left hemisphere) is upset. It may cause a lot of problems, like dyslexia, mental disorders, hand dominance problems, motoric problems, coordination problems, addictions etc. etc. etc. In one word, the most important word: problems of CONTROL. (The simple state of mind called "envy" is an issue of a slight dominance problem: if you'd see clearly, you couldn't be envious. But you can't control you feelings. There's no difference of substance between envy and schizophrenia.)

Anxiety is the WITHDRAWAL EFFECT of your Will. You see your girlfriend with another guy, and your brain is flooded by dopamine, which means: you just gave yourself the command to avoid the unspeakable loss: losing your Precious. Even if you use a lot your left brain too (strategies, a lot of thinking), the primal urge is rightish. The anxiety is the fear of not accomplishing your goal, that is considered by your right brain as instant annihilation. Thus, every uncontrollable urge turns to a PHOBIA, when it can't be appeased.





Insanity is and only is a pathological (prolonged) hemispheric dominance problem; the pathological hemispheric dominance problem is itself: insanity. Just a little envy is crazy too, but it doesn't take root, it fades soon. But it can overrule your life, and cause anxiety problems, mental disorders (for example narcissistic disorder). 

My definition of insanity is: being controlled by a will rather than controlling it. Thus a simple working man could turn to be workaholic, if the desire to work perfectly melts in his hands and starts to rule him. That roots in a false belief: that without working perfectly he would worth nothing. Phobia of losing something we consider the most important thing in our life.





1. An ancestor or ourselves traumatized.

2. Hemispheric dominance problem arises, thus – in our case – stuttering. 

3. Our Mother (or someone important) sees our stutter a problem, ourselves a problem.

4. Thus we learn, that if we can't speak properly, we lose our Mother. In that time (2-4) our identity is based upon Hers. So if we lose Her, then we lose ourselves. Total annihilation. 

5. The fear of total annihilation renews the traumatic experience: it strenghtens the traumatization even more. (For example: a simple barking dog triggered our first trauma, that we could have easily leave behind.)

6. Thus every stuttering situation is a trauma, or in my view: in every case when we suspect that we could stutter, we strenghten our traumatization: our uncontrollable will to control our speak. 

7. That will is uncontrollable, because we are that will. A will can't want not willing itself. At that age, we totally became the-one-who-tries-to-gain-control-over-his-speech. Mother is Me, so I want to defeat that awful stutter that stands between us. 

8. Later, Mother is out of the picture, thus the situation becomes: I want to defeat that awful stutter that stands between me and Me (what I identify myself with).

9. That will continues and strenghtens the traumatization, thus hemispheric dominance problem.

10. Thus stuttering. 





Stutterers are – clinically – insane people.





1. There can't be a cure, because insane people can't want their very will to be dismissed. Psychiatrists, speech therapists just strengthens it in long terms, treating just the symptoms of the insanity. 

2. Stutterers can't cure themselves, because wanting to cure themselves (wanting to be fluent) is their very insanity.

3. Do not listen to what a stutterer says, tells about himself. If you're a stutterer, start to misgive about every little movement, thought, feeling of your insane self. Hope strenghtens your insanity. Self-pity strenghtens your insanity. You can do nothing else but strenghtening your insanity: yourself.

4. If you finally believe that you are insane: you aren't insane anymore.

5. But dare not believe that you can believe it. It's a cheat, again. 

6. So the only way you can be free, if you finally stop wanting to be free, entirely, for the first time in your life, letting in the ultimate truth. 

7 or THE ULTIMATE TRUTH. You can't be free. You are free.


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