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I think that much of the confusion around stuttering is due to lack of knowledge of stress. Stuttering cannot be understood if the nature of stress is not understood. This is to be expected, as stress as a subject of study is relatively new. The father of stress studies, Hans Selye, only started to become well-known in the second half of the previous century.

Nemo is right! And I say it despite that Selye was hungarian too. 

I can say in the name of much more serious and professional philosophers (who are profs of the philosophy of science) that stress has not been understood at its essence. Nor dopamine (the whole brain is misunderstood in the "computer-theory"), and neither are you (in psychology). Their views work on the surface, but for example can't explain a complex state like a stuttering human being. They are talking about stuttering brains, stuttering traumas, fluency addiction, anxiety caused stuttering etc., but in the end they just miss the picture as a whole. 

I call them, who always deal with "anxiety": Dealers, because they develop other drugs than wanting fluency, which too in the end highten anxiety in one way or another.


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